The beauties of Naples are not just the Vesuvio, the Gulf and Sorrento. There is also a secret wonder, patiently and carefully passed down from generation to generation with great care and good taste: the tailoringcraft, an ancient and unforgotten art, which starts from the tradition and is enriched with wise innovations.


Our raw materials are bornfrom the collaboration with the best italian tanneries and wool mills, they are

the result of months of study so that we can have excellent workmanship andhigh quality. The skins are among the most prestigious in the world, the soft French calfskin, the delicacy of the lambs used for suede combined with cashmere and silk with exclusive custom designs make our products inimitable.


Sometimes you are not satisfied with mass-products.
For some events, you need something to represent you in every single detail, which fits you not only because
it is the right size or it is comfortable, but above all from a mental point of view.
Sometimes you feel the need of wearing something, which is truly yours.

Made to order